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To stand out in the digital world, businesses need to go above and beyond. Whether it’s for a memo, a handbook, a report, or an email, how you present yourself digitally represents your entire business. The best way to ensure a level of professionalism that is guaranteed to impress is to use an editing service to perfect your document’s clarity, flow, grammar, and consistency.

Why Editor World?

In business, it is often the case that the way a document is written is more important than the exact content of the document. For instance, imagine you are the CEO of a large company, and you receive two marketing emails from businesses offering the same service. One email is written with taste, good flow, and impeccable grammar. 

In contrast, the second email, though made up of the same content, is dashed off in a hurry, and there are several glaring errors, including improper capitalization and missing punctuation. Which email would you reply to?

Proper grammar, clarity of purpose, and perfect punctuation can be the difference between closing the deal and a consistent failure to convert. This is where Editor World comes in. We offer businesses and corporations the kind of editing services that will help you clinch the sale.

We are proud to have helped over 5,000 clients refine more than 80 million words, and we know that every comma matters in business. To make it easy for businesses and corporations of any size to get the editing services they need, Editor World has simplified the process into six easy steps from registration to completion of your document.

Benefits of Using an Editor

For businesses, the benefits of using an editor are extensive, but some of the crucial benefits are listed below.

Corporate professionals are often too busy to take the time to carefully proofread and edit their emails, memos, or business plans, which is why this task should be done by people who have experience and are dedicated to the fine details of English grammar. However, an in-house editor can be expensive, and you may not be able to give them full-time work. The answer is to hire an editor for the individual documents you need to edit.

Our editors at Editor World can tackle all aspects of business document editing. Proofreading services like ours can be used for that one all-important sales email or dozens of SOPs and technical reports. It doesn’t matter how little or how much you need to have edited. Every document that needs editing will have its typos and spelling errors corrected and its punctuation perfected. 

Additionally, our native English-speaking editors can give you an unbiased look at your document and provide you with suggestions to improve readability, clarity, and flow. All edited documents also have a Track Changes feature to allow you to review all revisions.

What to Expect from Our Editing Services?

With our unique document-based editing services, we make editing business documents simple. At Editor World, you don’t have to take long hours out of your day to find an editor or interview applicants. Instead, you can get your documents edited right away. The first step is to register and open a corporate account. Unlike what you may find on other websites, signing up with Editor World involves filling out five simple fields and clicking a button.

Once your business or corporate account is created, you can search our database and find business or corporate editors that are available when you need them. Each editor lists their credentials and specialties so that you can find an editor that fits your unique requirements. After you’ve chosen an editor, you can click the blue button to submit a document.

The next step is to provide payment to your editor via the website’s credit card or PayPal payment processing systems. Our prices vary depending on the word count and turnaround time you choose. For example, if you have a 400-word business email that needs to be edited in two hours, you would pay $0.058 per word. 

As soon as the payment is processed, your editor will download the document and begin editing. You will receive an email notification when your document is completed and will be able to download the edited copy. It’s as easy as that.

Types of Business Documents We Edit

Editor World’s editors and proofreaders have extensive experience working with all types of business documents. Each of our editors has edited thousands of pages of documents and can work with everything from a 300-word marketing email to a 30,000-word business report. Additionally, when you submit a document for editing, you can provide your editor with specific instructions so they can focus on making the changes you require for that type of document.

If your business needs editing services for marketing and informational materials, we can edit the following:

On the other hand, if it is editing for technical writing that you need, Editor World can revise:

No matter the type of document, Editor World’s proofreading services can make sure your content is polished and ready to go.

Other Types of Editing by Editor World

In addition to our regular services for businesses and corporations, Editor World provides other types of editing and proofreading services for a wide range of client needs. If you are an employee that needs to craft a crucial email but wants to make it perfect before sending it off, you can have it edited by one of our editors in just two hours with our Same-Day Editing service. In addition, we offer Personal Editing for individuals that want to revise their resumes, cover letters, or even personal letters.

Maybe your business has sponsored a scientific study, and you want to release a journal article about it, but you need it edited first. In this case, Editor World offers Academic Editing services. For individuals and businesses whose first language is not English, our ESL Editing services are a great way to improve the flow and clarity of your documents. 

Furthermore, for businesses and professionals that need a book edited before publication, Editor World has Book Editing services just for your needs.

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No matter what type of document or how many words you need to have edited, we at Editor World can help. For businesses and corporations, editing doesn’t have to cost a fortune in money or time. Instead, you can register with Editor World in a few short minutes and start having your documents edited by experienced native English speakers right away.

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