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Our business editors can help you improve any document you have written, including business memos, handbooks, reports, and emails. Our editors will improve the clarity and readability of your document, focusing on the flow as well as grammar, word usage, spelling, punctuation, and consistency. Please provide specific instructions for the editor when you submit your document. Editor World’s affordable business editing and proofreading services are sure to give you a competitive edge.


What can you expect from Editor World’s business document editing services?


  • A carefully edited manuscript, with grammar errors, spelling errors, punctuation issues, and typos corrected.
  • When needed, suggestions to help you improve flow, clarity, and readability.
  • Track Changes markup to allow you to review all revisions.



What types of business and corporate documents do we edit?


  • Memos
  • Emails
  • Letters
  • Handbooks
  • Reports
  • Business plans
  • Newsletters
  • Blog posts
  • Other business content