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Editing Application


We are currently hiring editors to work remotely as independent contractors.  You have the ability to provide quality editing services without the need to bid on jobs or pitch to clients. You will be paid promptly for work completed.


1. Before completing the application to Become an Editor, please review the list below to verify that you have the minimum requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree or higher (Note: we are currently hiring editors with a PhD and/or science background)
  • Editing and proofreading experience
  • Native English speaker
  • A citizen or resident of the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada
  • Able to meet strict deadlines
  • Able to communicate clearly and respectfully to clients
  • Committed to high-quality customer service
  • Microsoft Word 2010 or newer on a PC (no Apple computers)
  • High-speed Internet


Currently, we are only accepting editors with a Ph.D. and/or science background.


2. Please review (a) how the site works and (b) existing editor profiles before submitting your application.


3. Your username should not include a personal or business name/initials. The username should relate to editing and/or proofreading.


Your application will only be considered if you follow these guidelines and submit a complete application.

Writing Application


This is the Writer's application. 


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Re-Writing Application


this is how you apply